Sigma Eta Pi is UC Berkeley’s premier co-ed entrepreneurship fraternity. Our mission is to transform individuals into starters who follow their passion, develop lasting relationships, and create value through innovative pursuits.

We educate our brothers with the most comprehensive knowledge of the startup ecosystem and venture processes and equip them with a concrete set of skills sourced from the diverse backgrounds of our house.

Our brothers go on to accomplish amazing things. These include starting ventures that go on to be backed by Y-Combinator and acquired by Square for $90 million, and finding successful careers at Facebook, Spotify, and Amazon among others.

Jennifer Lu, '21


I’m Jennifer Lu, SEP’s current president. As a computer science + cognitive science major, I’ve always been curious about where we can step out of the SV bubble and apply the design principles and software acumen we’ve learned in underserved industries.

I joined SEP my freshman fall, making it my first and closest community at Cal. If you’re looking to be surrounded by students who constantly chase self-growth, seek new projects to build, and question the limits of entrepreneurship, you’ve found the right place 🙂

Excited to catch you at rush! Don’t be afraid to ask bold questions and dive into deeper discussions beyond the rush process — this is, after all, an iterative learning process on both ends. 🚀




Want to start a chapter? Email main.sep@gmail.com for more information.