Sigma Eta Pi is dedicated to developing human potential.

Our mission is to transform individuals into starters who follow their passion, develop lasting relationships, and create value through innovative pursuits.

We educate our brothers with the most comprehensive knowledge of the startup ecosystem and venture processes and equip them with a concrete set of skills sourced from the diverse backgrounds of our house.

the first and premier entrepreneurship fraternity on the west coast

Sigma Eta Pi, founded in 2010 at University of California Los Angeles, is the first entrepreneurship fraternity on the West Coast. Our current chapters (Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, and USC) are complemented by their surrounding startup communities, including Silicon Valley and the emerging Silicon Beach.
Fall 2017 Rush

What's your purpose?
We're looking for people who are passionate about their interests, interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, and willing to challenge the status quo and themselves.
What makes SEP different than other business organizations on campus?
We're a group of people bonded by our love for starting something, questioning the status quo, and building something that can make an impact. While we help our brothers with recruiting and job seeking, our pledge curriculum is built around the basics of starting a company and understanding the entrepreneurship and startup space.
What kind of majors / background are we looking for?
Our fraternity welcomes a diversity of disciplines and it’s one of the factors that makes our organization so strong. Our fraternity is about 50% technical (Engineering, Computer Science, CogSci, IEOR), and 50% humanities (Business, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Economics, Film, Psychology).
How long is the pledge process and what does it entail?
Our pledging process is a semester long and is centered around professional and entrepreneurial development, personal growth, and brotherhood. While pledging, you will apply what you learn through your ventures. We provide our pledges with a strong curriculum and professional development backbone as well as opportunities for them to get to know their pledge class and the active house on a personal level.